MathPower AB is a management consulting firm that serves leading business for making intelligent forecasting of electricity production and consumption loads. Our team consists of experienced professionals in the domain of power trading, mathematical statistics, and weather forecasting, and provides smart quantitative solutions to power trading companies, meteorological institutes, and related businesses.



Vision: Our vision is to reduce forecast deviations to zero per cent.


Business Concept: Together with the most qualified suppliers in the market we are leading the evolution towards a renewable electricity market.



  • To offer innovative and cost-effective IT and systems solutions for the forecast optimisation of

various types of activities.

  • To cooperate with the most qualified suppliers in the market in order to create a profitable business operation for the customer.
  • To provide rapid feedback and availability to the customer so as to be able to meet the customer’s needs.
  • To contribute to creating a renewable electricity market.
  • To solve the customer’s problems efficiently.


Core Values: Our values are closely linked to each other and reflect who we are and what we believe in. They also help us to make the right decisions. We exist in order to change the industry for the better, for both the customer and the environment.


The Customer First – Engagement – Expertise – Innovation


The customer first – Focusing on the customer’s best interests we are continually implementing quality improvement work. Satisfied customers are our driving force and everything we do must be of value to the customer. We are responsive to the customer’s needs and constantly strive for professionalism.


Engaged employees are the foundation of our operations because this is the factor for future success. We exist thanks to our engagement. Creating and refining something we believe in ourselves is a clear driver of business development. We are engaged with each other both as individuals and as a group. It is a challenge to create the conditions for genuine engagement at the workplace. We strive to ensure that our employees will develop and improve within their field. We are working to help them achieve proficiency within their sphere with a feeling and experience of self-determination. As a company we enable employees to influence their work situation themselves. Engaged employees increase the company’s profitability.


Expertise is the self-evident basis of our services and is the key to our success. Because we have the right expertise we are reliable and clear about what we supply. We are continually working to develop our expertise.


Innovation requires that our employees are engaged and motivated so that their skills are utilised in our business. Cooperating within the industry is both obvious and necessary to us. The result is that we develop at the same rate as our business partners and can accordingly offer innovative solutions.